Not even Hideo Kojima understands Death Stranding

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Death Stranding

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A director not understanding their own game is pretty high on the list of things I don’t want to here, but that’s exactly how legendary videogame auteur Hideo Kojima feels about the upcoming Death Stranding. You are absolutely not alone, Hideo.

“Even now, I don’t understand the game,” said Kojima, somewhat worryingly, during a chat with the Financial Times. “Its world view, gameplay, they are all new. My mission is to create a genre that does not currently exist, and which takes everyone by surprise. There is, naturally, a risk in that.”

For years now, we’ve been poring every bit of information, every clue or slice of character development which could key us in on what’s in store from Death Stranding. That’s a whole lot easier said than done though, and even after multiple gameplay showcases and a glut of cinematic trailers, we’re still looking at a game about peeing on a mushroom to make it grow, a character who dies every 21 minutes like clockwork, and shaking a DualShock 4 controller to make an unborn baby angry.

Us not understanding is all by the by though, this is Kojima we’re talking about. We’d hardly expect to fully understand any of his games until they were actually in our hands. If the very creator of the game is struggling to understand what’s going on in the game two months before launch, we probably haven’t got a hope in hell.

Still, if nothing else we’re expecting some awesome style, excellent cinematography, and some crazy ambitious ideas which should at least ensure Death Stranding is, at the very least, a wild FedEx ride.

Death Stranding comes to PlayStation 4 on November 8th, with a PC release expected at a later point.