MGM confirms a Tomb Raider movie sequel is in the works

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For some things in life, there really are no answers. Do we have a purpose on this rock moving at 30 kilometres per second? Is there such a thing as a soul? Why has Nintendo never made another Wave Race? We’ll just never know, and we’ll probably also never know why or how last year’s bang average Tomb Raider movie has somewhat justified a sequel.

But justify it has, because a new Tomb Raider movie has been confirmed. Deadline is reporting that Alicia Vikander will be reprising her role as the iconic tomb raiding heroine Lara Croft, while Ben Wheatley (Kill List, Free Fire, High-Rise) will be taking over directorial duties from Roar Uthaug.

Writing duties have been handed over to Amy Smith, while both Graham King and Elizabeth Cantillon will be overseeing production.

It’s early days for Tomb Raider 2 then, with a targeted release date of March 19th, 2021. We’re slightly more optimistic of a decent movie this time around though. The writers are free from the shackles of retelling Lara Croft’s origin story from the Tomb Raider reboot (narrative has never been a strong point for this particular series) which could expand its potential somewhat.

And, if you’re yet to watch the original Tomb Raider from 2018, it’s on Netflix and just about every other streaming service.