Dying Light 2 features a map four times larger than the original game

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Dying Light 2

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Dying Light wasn’t a world that was particularly small in size, especially when you consider the density of the environments and the sheer number of buildings which could be explored and traverse. Dying Light 2 isn’t a sequel that’s going to do anything by halves though, with Techland’s chief technology officer, Pawel Rohleder, confirming during a chat with Nvidia that it’s world will be four times larger than the original.

That’s a lot of ground to cover, and probably the largest, densest first-person parkour world we’ve ever been given to explore. It’s been made possible using Techland’s new streaming 

“From the beginning, C Engine (Techlands new engine for DL2) tries to imitate reality as much as possible,” explains Rohleder. “So this adds realism to the scene dramatically. This is the holy grail of computer graphics and photorealism. The scene will look like a movie.”

The changes don’t end there though. Dying Light 2 will have an extensive choice-based system overseen by legendary writer Chris Avellone, a new dialogue system, a new animation system, choice & consequence side-quests, and an enhanced UI. 

From a technology perspective, every decision a player makes throughout Dying Light 2’s branching storyline could theoretically impact the world itself, meaning Techland has had to make multiple versions of the map in order to account for all of the different possible.

It certainly sounds like exciting stuff. Techland really is taking its time to make Dying Light 2 as ambitious a sequel as humanly possible. The original game is a very strong core to build off, so once we start layering in branching narratives, an adaptive world, and ray-tracing graphics tech, we should be in for a treat when Dying Light 2 comes to PC, PS4, and Xbox One in 2020.