The Farm 51 reveals 17-minutes of Chernobylite gameplay footage

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The dust may have blown over from Gamescom 2019 but The Farm 51 is now ready to share what it was busy showing folks on the show-floor. An extensive gameplay segment from Chernobylite has been revealed, presenting a pre-alpha look at exploring the gigantic Chernobyl nuclear power plant itself.

As a result of the Kickstarter funding, The Farm 51 has been busy over the last few months constructing a mammoth-scale version of Chernobyl. It’s here where Chernobylite both begins and ends, the so-called ‘Heart of Darkness’ of the greatest nuclear power disaster of all time.

“Even if there’s still a few months ahead to the release of Early Access version of the game on Steam, we wanted to share a small part of the experience with you,” wrote The Farm 51.

The end result is 17 minutes of gameplay plucked straight from an early portion of Chernobylite. It’s been built using Unreal Engine 4 and, while the animations leave a little to be desire, the photogrammetry technology does mean some stunningly realistic environments have been built. There’s a lot of STALKER DNA in here as well, including an explorable Chernobyl exclusion zone, non-linear narrative and systems-based changes such as altering weather, time of day, and even supernatural horrors.

Chernobylite is currently planned to launch through Steam Early Access in Autumn 2019.