Dying Light 2 4K footage revealed – Almost half an hour of gameplay from open-world RPG

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Dying Light 2

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Restricted to a behind-closed-doors showing at E3 2019, Techland has finally lifted the lid on the extensive Dying Light 2 gameplay showing. Almost half an hour of 4K footage plucked straight from the zombie-fuelled depths of Dying Light 2 has been uploaded, providing our most detailed peek yet at what’s in store from this open-world parkour-em-up.

Up to four-player co-op is still a big deal in Dying Light 2, but this particular video is all about the solo play. We get a look at how Techland has been busy improving the mission design, heading down a deeper RPG with branching story lines and big decisions to make along the way. 

This particular mission is all about drinking water, which is running dry in the city. Multiple factions are vying for control of the water, and depending on who the player sides with can have big ramifications, not just for the story but for the world itself.

On the technical front, Dying Light 2 is already looking leaps ahead of the original. Nvidia owners should also be in for a bit of a treat with the ray-tracing support, as confirmed by Nvidia at Gamescom last week.

Dying Light 2 comes to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One at some point in 2020.