Gamescom 2019: Quirky space strategy Startopia is back, Spacebase Startopia announced

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Spacebase Startopia

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In a surprise announcement, Kalypso Digital unveiled Spacebase Startopia, the sequel to the unsung management strategy title Startopia. The original game came out all the way back in 2001 and was a personal favourite of mine back in my youth. It was a curious little mish-mash of city-builder, real-time strategy, and even some Dungeon Keeper-esque defence elements.

Which brings us to the here and now, 18 years later, with Spacebase Startopia, a reboot of sorts with an impossible-to-remember name. Startopia 2 is being developed by Realmforge, the folks behind the popular Dungeons series. It sounds as if it’s a fairly faithful sequel, tasking players with managing their very own space station, looking after the needs of eight different alien species and ensuring everybody is fed, watered, and not up to mischief.

Management is split over three decks, just like Startopia. We’d imagine this is once again the Bio deck, Pleasure deck, and Sub/Engineering deck. You’ll be growing food, keeping everybody entertained, and manufacturing just about everything anyone would need aboard a space station. Spacebase Startopia won’t always be a walk in the Bio deck though, with enemy invaders to defend against.

In terms of modes, Spacebase will have a single-player campaign, AI battle mode, online competitive multiplayer, and some form of co-op multiplayer.

Spacebase Startopia is currently scheduled to launch in Q3 2020 on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Oh, and Mac and Linux as well, so basically every platform under the sun.