Xbox manager teases Age of Empires 4 gameplay debut on November 14th

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Age of Empires 4. The prime reason why any of us tune into any of Microsoft’s countless Inside Xbox shows these days. So far, we’ve come up empty handed. AoE4 was revealed two years ago and we’ve heard the square sum of nothing so far. But, now that’s all changed. Xbox general manager Aaron Greenberg has said we can expect to see our first Age of Empires 4 gameplay on November 14th.

This is all according to German publication, who host a daily live stream straight from the Gamescom show floor. They invited Greenberg on to chat about all things Xbox, who was asked when we can expect to see Age of Empires 4. “Our next big beat is gonna be X019, I would suggest that people watch that. It’s the day that Age launches, we will be celebrating. I cannot confirm or deny anything” (wink, wink).

You can view the stream for yourself here; Greenberg takes to the stage at about the 5h33m mark. 

That leaves us with exactly 84 days, or 12 weeks, until we can finally see Age of Empires 4 for ourselves. November 14th is shaping up to be a big day for Microsoft, and not just because of this reveal.

Microsoft’s revitalised annual X0 event, X019, is set to take place in London from November 14th. X019 will stretch on for three days and will play host to all sorts of Xbox news and goodies, as well as potentially some news on Microsoft’s future plans with Xbox Scarlett and Project xCloud.

On that same day, Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition is also set to be released. Microsoft confirmed as much during its recent Gamescom Inside Xbox show, making November 14th quite the celebration for all things Age of Empires.