Gamescom 2019: The Settlers delayed til 2020 but here’s a new gameplay trailer

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The Settlers (2020)

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It was somewhat optimistically scheduled to launch around about now but The Settlers reboot has been delayed until 2020. It’s not all bad news though, Ubisoft has used this opportunity at Gamescom 2019 to deliver us a frankly idyllic new trailer for its legendary village builder.

I mean, just look at how twee it all looks. That’s the Settlers alright, where do I sign up. The medieval strategy management series has been given quite the lick of paint, although it still looks reassuringly like  the series we know and love.

Ubisoft is touting a suite of new features for The Settlers though, including a new food system, optional side missions, and even full-blown cooperative play. Combat has never been The Settlers strong point but there is also online competitive multiplayer for those who want to send their villagers to their death.

We’ll have three different routes to victory this time, depending on whether you want spill blood or get everyone to join your religious cult. 

Combat: Take control of armies, defeat your enemies, and conquer their land for a Combat victory.

Glory: Select a hero character and pit them against the enemy’s rival hero in an arena fight. Winning the fight will leave your opponent’s spectators unruly and dissatisfied, making them more likely to revolt and giving you the opportunity to take over revolting territories.

Faith: If you prefer a less violent path, you can inspire faith in your settlers to pave a way toward victory.

After a bit of a delay, The Settlers is now due to come to PC at some point in 2020.