Up For Debate – What did you pick up in the Steam Autumn Sale and Black Friday?


It’s been a busy weekend for the wallets of the world. If the Steam Autumn Sale didn’t drain them then Black Friday was waiting in the wings, waving cut-price SSDs and bargain-bin monitors in our faces.

Somehow, Amazon has spearheaded its own evil version of Christmas, catapulting Black Friday into a new stratosphere of commercial madness. I barely even know what Thanksgiving is apart from turkeys  and colonisation but Black Friday has become a global phenomenon. Even if the most strong-willed can’t help but get their head turned by the wave of deals and cutthroat prices.

Now it’s time to put away that credit card and come down from that post-purchase high. Let’s take stock of what we’ve all bought during the biggest sales weekend of the year. 

I’ve had a quiet one this year for the sales, to be honest, I’ve got no moolah at the moment, so, er, I didn’t buy anything in either of the big sales this time around. Maybe next year, when an upgrade is a little higher on the agenda!

What bargains did you manage to find on Black Friday, and did any games take your interest in the Steam Autumn Sale? Or were you disappointed by the offerings this year? Let us know below!