Forget the Grand Canyon, get a load of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020’s cockpits

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Flight sim casuals like myself love drooling over photorealistic landscapes but the real aficionados are the ones gawping at instrumental panels, parking brakes, flaps and fuel valves. On this front, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 absolutely has these folks covered. 

Asobo Studio is going into a ridiculous level of detail for the cockpit interiors, both aesthetically and in terms of the instrumentation itself. Their aim is to make sure every single button, display, and instrument looks and behaves exactly as it would in real-life. If a digital display has touch-screen typing interface in real-life, for example, they’ve recreated it in exacting detail in MS Flight Sim 2020.

If you want an idea of just how painstaking this process is, they’ve even modeled the full electrical systems. The needles on the battery instruments will change based on the actual electrical consumption. 

All of this and more explained in a new behind-the-scenes video on Microsoft Flight Simulator’s development, focused entirely on the creation of the various cockpits found in the different plans.

MS Flight Simulator is on course to land on PC and Xbox One at some point in 2020.