Rumour: Batman Court of Owls game to be revealed at The Game Awards

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These new Batman rumours really are showing no signs of slowing down. It’s certainly a case of when it’ll be revealed rather than if, and on the former question it would appear we don’t have too long to wait.

Fresh reports are indicating Warner Bros Montreal’s new Batman game will be announced the annual The Game Awards 2019, which are due to take place on December 12th. This is according to sources close to ComicBook, SLCMOF  and The Arkham Channel.

Warner Bros appears to have been teasing the mystery game for some time but we haven’t had so much as a sniff of the details. Persistent reports have suggested it’s a game based on the Court of Owls comic book run from The New 52. The Court of Owls are an Illuminati-type shadowy secret society which are running Gotham behind the scenes, using their enormous reserves of wealth to pull the strings and conceal their true identities.

Considering the teases WB Games has been making on Twitter though, there’s really only one major event left this year at which it could possibly reveal a new Batman title.

If Warner Bros Montreal is working on a new Batman game then this still leaves Rocksteady kicking around on whatever project they’re up to. It’s been 4.5 years since Batman: Arkham Knight so they’re definitely taking their sweet time with this one, perhaps after the slightly muted reaction which was no doubt spurred on by franchise fatigue. The Arkham games are great, by and large, but there’s only so many that folks are willing to play one after the other.

The last we heard, Rocksteady was sizing up the idea of a live service-type game based on the DC universe, potentially tied into the Justice League or the Suicide Squad. The smart money would be on it being a next-gen title; no one wants a live service title on consoles which are going to be phased out in 12 months’ time.

Are you keen to see the Batman Arkham series return anytime soon? Or would you like to see both WB Montreal and Rocksteady take a fresh approach for their new projects? Let us know!