Microsoft Flight Simulator new screenshots and gameplay somehow looks better than real life

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Microsoft Flight Simulator

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Every time we slap our eyes on Microsoft Flight Simulator we’re taken aback by how damned good it looks. You’d think we’d be used it now, some five months after it was revealed, but developer Asobo Studio is truly pulling off graphical wizardry here, or they’ve entered into a contract with the devil.

However they’re doing it, we’re just glad the A Plague Tale: Innocence developer is doing it at all. MS Flight Sim has lain dormant for far too long but the time has been well spent at least. Asobo has spent the last three years beavering away on Microsoft Flight Simulator, with the plan being to support the game for at least 10 years after launch with new aircraft and updated satellite data.

Anyway, enough of talking about it, just cast your eyes over the latest MS Flight Simulator screenshots and bathe in the glorious terrain, fantastic weather effects, and hyper-detailed cockpits.

For those who want to dive a little deeper, Asobo has also dropped a new behind-the-scenes trailer for Microsoft Flight Simulator which explains the advanced aerodynamics which have been modelled for the simulator. You can find that video tucked in right at the bottom.