Block building RPG Dragon Quest Builders 2 is coming to PC in December

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Dragon Quest Builders 2

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The first one may have skipped PC entirely but Square Enix has decided Dragon Quest Builders 2 is ready to come to PC this year. 

Dragon Quest Builders 2 will launch on PC through Steam (no Epic Games Store exclusivity here) on December 10th. PC players will be rewarded for their patience by receiving all released downloadable content for the PS4 version for free. This includes season pass content such as new areas, clothing, crafting recipes, aquariums, and hairstyles.

For the uninitiated, Dragon Quest Builders 2 is a bit like a mash-up of Minecraft and a traditional JRPG. Players embark on a story, complete quests, and  explore a giant blocky world. Along the way you’ll be able to harvest resources, dig out the terrain, and of course build to your heart’s content. It’s like a much more structured Minecraft, designed for those who prefer achievable targets and goals rather than boundless creativity. You’re still free to get creative if you want, but it’s all housed within a huge open-world adventure.

I’ve only had the pleasure of playing the original but it’s definitely strong spin on the build-em-up with a compulsive gameplay loop. The sequel, by all accounts, ahem, builds on the original with new gear, grander worlds, and epic boss fights.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 comes to PC via Steam on December 10th, 2019.