Path of Exile 2 announced, new story campaign and engine overhaul

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Path of Exile 2

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Blizzard just cannot catch a break right now. No sooner have they announced Diablo 4 in an attempt to quash the recent backlash does Grinding Gear Games go and reveal Path of Exile 2.

As far as direct competitors to Diablo’s action-RPG crown, the original Path of Exile is ludicrously popular. Being free helps, naturally, but it’s also a fantastic game with ace support which, in many ways, has been showing Blizzard how it should be done for this past six years.

Which brings us to Path of Exile 2 then, which was announced over the weekend during the annual ExileCon event. GGG are pulling a bit of an Overwatch 2 with this one. Path of Exile 2, while being a numbered sequel, is actually a gigantic free expansion for the original Path of Exile. PoE will be getting a big overhaul when PoE2 drops, and all of the content will be playable in one titanic package.

The core lure of Path of Exile 2 is the addition of an all-new seven-act story which will take place some 20 years after the finale of the original game. It’ll be available alongside the original PoE campaign with both leading toward the Atlas endgame. Alongside the new story content, PoE2 will retain all of the content from the original game and its countless expansions, as well as introducing a new skill system, ascendancy classes, and engine improvements. There’ll be a grand total of 19 new ascendancy classes to master, while a new skill gem system adds even further depth to character builds.

Unfortunately, you’ve got some wait on your hands until you can actually play Path of Exile 2. Grinding Gear Games has said a beta test won’t be ready until late 2020 at the earliest, so we’d expect a proper launch at some point in 2021. Fret not though, loot addicts. GGG will continue to release expansions for the original Path of Exile every three months between now and then, and will continue to do so after the launch of PoE2.