Ubisoft now pivoting to ‘super unique’ games following Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s poor launch

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It would appear as if Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s launch wasn’t just disappointing for Ubisoft but disastrous. The French publisher is allegedly in the process of radically overhauling its decision-making from the top down in response to Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s disappointing commercial debut.

According to Kotaku’s Jason Schreier, a man seemingly capable of worming his way into just about any scoop, the inside line on Ubisoft is that a game must now actually be thoroughly unique in order to be greenlit for development.

“Conversations I’ve had with people is that Ubisoft is changing their mentality big time,” Schreier said during an episode of the Splitscreen podcast. “Now it’s all about… you have to pitch your game as being super unique, having a unique aspect to it. It all sounds really wild. It’s this really crazy atmosphere.”

It seems blindingly obvious that a pitch for a new game needs to offer something new, that special sauce which justifies its existence. That Ubisoft wasn’t demanding this is damning in itself, and it would go a long way to explaining the design-by-committee nature of Ghost Recon Breakpoint, a game which mashes together every Ubisoft open-world trope under the sun until we’re left with a homogeneous blob.

The good news then is that Ubisoft is pivoting. The focus is now on its games offering unique themes and mechanics which haven’t been seen before, rather than just new spins on old tricks. It’ll be some time until we see the fruits of these efforts but it’s part of a larger overall plan for Ubisoft to up the quality of its output following a few slides as of late. This also feeds into the delays of Rainbow Six: Quarantine, Watch Dogs Legion, and Gods & Monsters, all of which have been pushed into the back half of 2020 in order to fine-tune their quality.

In line with this, Ubisoft has also confirmed that all five games it plans to launch next year with be cross-gen titles on both PS4 and Xbox One, and PS5 and Xbox Scarlett. This includes Watch Dogs: Legion, Rainbow Six Quarantine, and Gods & Monsters, all of which will also be available on next-gen consoles.