5 of the best Free Horror Games to play this Halloween

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Layers of Fear

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As you can probably see from our haunting decor, it’s Halloween time. No one knows what the heck the day is supposed to be any more but we do know we should be giving ourselves heart palpitations, whether that’s heading out dressed as a clown for some ‘fun’, watching a bad, bad movie, or trying out one of these terrifying free games.

Yes, free. It’s never been easier to get your mitts on free games and now there’s plenty of quality experiences to choose from; the sort of games we probably should be handing money over for but, well, we love free stuff as much as the next person. We’ve taken all the pain of actually finding these ghoulish games out of the equation though, as here are five of the best free horror games you can play this All Hallow’s Eve.

Layers of Fear: Masterpiece Edition

You’ll have to grab it quick as the giveaway only lasts until lunchtime on Halloween itself but Blooper Team’s breakout hit Layers of Fear is currently free on the Epic Games Store. A spooky theme park haunted house at heart, Layers of Fear is a first-person psychedelic horror game in which you play the daughter of a thoroughly insane artist, poking through his mansion and delving deeper into his madness. It’s literally and figuratively art meets horror and can easily be finished in a single evening.

Where can I get it? Epic Games Store


SCP Secret Laboratory

Ordinarily, F2P multiplayer horror games tend to flare up in popularity at launch before fading away. Sometimes, they may benefit from a nice bump in the lead-up to Halloween. SCP Secret Laboratory is a little different though. It’s two years old and yet still regularly attracts 3,000 or so concurrent players, meaning there’s always plenty of folks to play with. Halloween will be the big one though, and for the princely sum of nothing you can step into an online horror game based on the SCP Foundation creepypasta series. Investigate strange anomalies, start role-playing, and generally just have an immensely weird and janky time.

Where can I get it? Steam

Doki Doki Literature Club!

Doki Doki Literature Club was nothing less than a word-of-mouth phenomenon when it launched back in 2017. That such a great visual novel can be completely free is a little bizarre. The less said about this one the better, but the introductory concept is a literature club full of ‘cute girls’ who you can attempt to woo. This is absolutely not the game it looks like from first impressions though, so buckle up, enjoy the ride, and remember to unfuck your brain afterwards. 

Where can I get it? Steam


One which is going to really benefit from playing with a few buddies, Deceit is a trust-based co-op first-person shooter in which you’re one stab in the back from being left bleeding out on the floor. Six people drop into a level together, two of which have been infected with a virus. The four others need to escape but who to trust in this game of deception, guile, and teamwork. The other two are going to try to sabotage the group every step of the way, sowing seeds of doubt and pointing the finger of blame anywhere but themselves.

Where can I get it? Steam


World of Horror

OK, so strictly speaking World of Horror is just a demo, with the fully fledged version due to come to Steam shortly. It was a game created for an AGDG jam and garnered enough attention to justify a full project. World of Horror is inspired by 1-bit games of yesteryear, resulting in an open-ended horror RPG with incredibly atmospheric visuals, a malicious atmosphere, and the sort of skin-crawling horror which few games can ever hope to achieve.

Where can I get it? Itch.io

Have you stumbled on any great free horror games which you want to shout about? And what are your gaming plans this Halloween? Let us know in the comments section below!