Battlefield V: War in the Pacific revealed – Iwo Jima, Wake Island, naval warfare and more

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Now this is what we’re talking about. DICE has finally taken the lid off War in the Pacific, a major free new chapter update coming to Battlefield V shortly. 

Battlefield V: Chapter 5 – War in the Pacific finally introduces the US and Japanese factions, along with Pacific theatre of war, obviously enough. DICE is tapping into some glorious nostalgia with this update though, rolling in plenty of new maps which should be very familiar to long-time Battlefield fans. 

Wake Island and Iwo Jima are truly iconic maps for Battlefield 1942 fans at this point and they’re coming back and looking better than ever. There really are no maps in the current version of Battlefield V which have layouts anywhere near the unique offerings of Iwo Jima and Wake Island so they should be a welcome addition, particularly with the return of naval warfare once again.

A third map is reportedly called Pacific Storm, which looks as if it may well be Battlefield 4’s beloved Paracel Storm reworked for BFV.

New factions also means new guns and DICE is branching out to include some of the more revered Japanese and American firearms. These include the M1 Garand, Type 97MG, BAR, Type 99 Arisaka, Nambu SMG, and even a Katana for those who want to get up close and personal.

There’s no denying Battlefield V is a game which needs a shot in the arm right now. It’s purely anecdotal but server populations definitely feel as if they’re dwindling between chapters and the addition of Pacific warfare could give the online shooter a much-needed boost. Now all we’ve got to do is hope DICE can actually stick to their launch timeline for once.

Battlefield V – War in the Pacific is a free update which will be rolling out to BFV players on all platforms from October 31st.