NVCleanstall is smart new software which allows GeForce owners to customise driver installs


Nvidia has a tricky relationship with the privacy and security conscious contingent of PC gamers, not least because of its Nvidia GeForce graphics card drivers which come bundled with all sorts of extra telemetry tracking software and other non-necessary components, including GeForce Experience. This was further amplified with Nvidia attempting to force users to sign up for an account in order to access the drivers in the first place.

Help is at hand though as TechPowerUp has announced the launch of NVCleanstall, a utility which has been in development for some time and allows users to fully customise their Nvidia driver installation.

With NVCleanstall, GeForce owners are given absolute control over the Nvidia GeForce drivers, picking and choosing exactly which bits are installed out of dozens of components. These components include DLSS support, USB-C drivers, Ansel, Telemetry (play tracking), Shield Controller drivers, nView Desktop Manager, ShadowPlay, Advertising GeForce Experience, Driver Update Notifications, Shield Streaming, and more. All of these are non-vital processes which, while fairly benign in most cases, aren’t necessary for your graphics card to do its job.

Using the NVCleanstall software, you can pick and choose exactly which of these are installed on your system. You’re free to either point it towards a GeForce driver you’ve already downloaded, or allow it to pull in the latest version. It’s then simply a case of picking which bits you want installed and it handles the rest for you. 

If it’s your first time using NVCleanstall, you can also perform a clean installation which will pick through and remove all of Nvidia’s custom files which are currently on your system. It’ll then install the latest driver from scratch.

So, if you’re an Nvidia GeForce owner who prioritises privacy and control then you can download NVCleanstall for yourself from here.