Starbreeze confirms Payday 3 is on target to launch in 2022-2023 launch window

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It’s well over six years now since Payday 2 inexplicably became one of the most popular games in Steam history, although if you’re holding out for the sequel you want to invest in some sort of cryogenic freezing pod. 

Starbreeze announced back in February 2017 that Payday 3 is in full development but according to its latest fiscal reports you’ve got one heck of a wait until you’ll actually be playing.

Payday 3’s expected release window is 2022-2023, which effectively translates to a 2023 launch for Payday 3, some four years from now, and six years after the original announcement.

It would be fair to say that Starbreeze hasn’t exactly been in a fantastic position as of late, fending off the threat of bankruptcy, laying off significant numbers of staff, and dealing with the abysmal failure that was Overkill’s The Walking Dead. Payday is the cash cow franchise for Starbreeze, no doubt about it, and they’re taking their time to hopefully ensure it’s going to be the best product it can possible be.

Starbreeze has pointed toward a significantly improved cash flow from 2022 onward, spurred on by the arrival of Payday 3, payment for a publishing agreement for Payday: Crime War, a mobile game, and the conclusion of a publishing agreement for Payday 3.

Payday 3 in 2022-23 then. Now we just need to hope they can hang in there long enough to bring the game to market. They’ve got a lot riding on it though, with Payday 3 effectively being make or break for the struggling publisher.

So, er, see you in four years, we guess.