Intel to discontinue nearly all 6th and 7th Gen Skylake and Kaby Lake processors


Intel has announced end-of-life (EOL) plans for nearly all of its Kaby Lake 7th Generation processors. The 14nm chips originally began coming to market in 2016 but Intel is now calling time on this CPU family.

What it means is that final orders from retailers for Kaby Lake CPUs must be placed by 31st January, 2020. The final shipments will then be made and then, after this point, supplies of Kaby Lake  processors will begin to run dry.

EOL for Kaby Lake includes pretty much the entire seventh gen of desktop processors, as well as the Kaby Lake-G mobile CPU range which packs on-board AMD Radeon Vega graphics chips. This felt like a big deal back when Intel and AMD announced it in 2017 but, since then, Intel has forged ahead with its own powerful Iris Pro graphics solutions and left AMD by the wayside.

In addition to this, a final wave of Skylake CPUs have also entered EOL. Production is now coming to an end on nearly all 6th and 7th Gen Intel processors. 

The full list of affected processors was published in Intel’s latest Product Change Notification (PCN) documents, which are as follows:

Intel Core i5-7600K Intel Core i5-7400 Intel Pentium  G4560 Intel Core i5-7400T Intel Core i5-7600 Intel Core i5-7600T Intel Core i7-7700K Intel Core i3-7320 Intel Core i3-7300 Intel Core i3-7350K Intel Core i3-7100 Intel Pentium G4620  Intel Pentium G4600 Intel Celeron G3950 Intel Celeron G3930 Intel Core i3-7300T Intel Core i3-7100T Intel Pentium G4600T Intel Pentium G4560T Intel Celeron G3930T Boxed Intel Celeron G3930 Boxed Intel Celeron G3950 Boxed Intel Core i3-7100 Boxed Intel Core i3-7100T Boxed Intel Core i3-7300 Boxed Intel Core i3-7300T Boxed Intel Core i3-7320 Boxed Intel Core i3-7350K Boxed Intel Core i5-6500 Boxed Intel Core i5-7400 Boxed Intel Core i5-7400T Boxed Intel Core i5-7500 Boxed Intel Core i5-7500T Boxed Intel Core i5-7600 Boxed Intel Core i5-7600K Boxed Intel Core i5-7600T Boxed Intel Core i7-6700 Boxed Intel Core i7-7700 Boxed Intel Core i7-7700K Boxed Intel Core i7-7700T Boxed Intel Pentium G4560 Boxed Intel Pentium G4600 Boxed Intel Pentium G4620 Intel Core i7-8706G Intel Core i7-8705G Intel Core i7-8809G Intel Core i5-8305G

The good news is this will allow Intel to divert all of its manufacturing resources to modern Intel products, including increased shipments of 8th, 9th, and 10th Gen Intel processors. Fewer processor SKUs in the manufacturing pipelines means more units produced for those still supported. Supplies of these processors can be a little patchy, to say the least, but this should ensure a more reliable supply line.