Surviving Mars and Space Race expansion are free right now, Observer and Alan Wake next week

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Surviving Mars

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Sound the freebie klaxon, there are a few great giveaways going on over on the Epic Games Store. The big one is available right now and it’s Surviving Mars, the survival colony building strategy game developed by Haemimont Games and published by Paradox Interactive.

From now through until October 17th, Surviving Mars is free to permanently add to your Epic Games Store library. In addition to this you can also grab Surviving Mars: Mysteries Resupply Pack, which adds a trio of new missions, and ‘Space Race’, the first major expansion for Surviving Mars. All of these are completely free right now, which sounds like a bit of a steal honestly.

Paradox has presumably done all this to tie in with the recent announcement of Surviving the Aftermath, the next game in what is now the ‘Surviving’ franchise. A big wodge of cash from Epic Games probably didn’t do any harm either.

The goodies don’t end there either, with Epic’s relentless store giveaways continuing next week with a pair of freebies. Both Bloober Team’s Observer and Remedy’s Alan Wake American Nightmare will be free on the Epic Games Store from October 17th to October 24th. They’re not exactly either studio’s finest moments but, well, free is free.

Is anybody planning to add these free games to their libraries? Or are you still keeping up a firm boycott of the Epic Store? Let us know!