Most Anticipated Adventure Games of 2020

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Twin Mirror

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Once upon time, adventure games adhere to a very strict formula. Your classic point ‘n’ clicks could be relied upon to deliver often obtuse puzzles and great artwork stitched together as scenes. Times change though, and the weird and wonderful world of adventuring has changed with it. Whether it be exploring someone’s psyche while hopping over teeth, investigating a murder, or simply hopping around the Greek mythos, there’s something for everyone when it comes to adventure game fans in 2020.

Twin Mirror

One of two games Dontnod has coming up this year, and building off the success of Life is Strange 2, Twin Mirror is the mind-altering tale of Samuel, a man who returns to his hometown for his best friend’s funeral, only to wake up in his motel room covered in blood. What follows promises to be a dark, moody investigative tale as Samuel tries to piece together the bizarre events of the night before, all set against the backdrop of Basswood, West Virginia. Fingers crossed this one doesn’t get delayed again.


Gods & Monsters

Sadly delayed a few weeks back, Ubisoft’s Gods & Monsters is still a game thoroughly shrouded in mystery. What little we’ve seen of this obviously Zelda-inspired Ancient Greek romp from the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey team has us sharpening our blades in anticipation. What we know is we can a dense open world to explore, tricky puzzles, epic combat and plenty of god slaying.


Oddworld: Soulstorm

By now you’d be forgiven for being completely lost at where we’re at in the Oddworld Quintology. Well, some 22 years after Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee blessed us with Abe’s parping ways, we’re now at part two of the planned five-game franchise. There have been distinct Oddworld games so how we’ve got to this point, only Lorne Lanning knows. But back to Soulstorm, which retains the 2.5D side-scrolling element of the original games, this time with grander environments and plenty of new tricks and toys to play with as we try to rescue our Mudokon friends.


Psychonauts 2

When it comes to adventuring, the final frontier is surely the human psyche. Forget the Shire, what about hopping through somebody’s WW2 PTSD or coming face to face with someone’s acute fear of the dentist. Psychonauts 2 is about boldly going where no astronaut would ever dare go. Expect Double Fine’s adventure platformer to be incredibly weird, delightfully funny and occasionally squeamish. See you in therapy.


Tell Me Why

Tell Me Why is an episodic adventure game from Life is Strange developer Dontnod, their second title on this list as the studio expands. The story is focused on twins Alyson and Tyler who reconvene at their Alaskan childhood home to come to terms with major events in their lives. Dontnod have claimed Tyler is the first ever transgender playable character in a major videogame release.

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