Risk of Rain 2’s third major content update Hidden Realms adds new survivor and stages

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Risk of Rain 2 managed to do the impossible this year and become a second all-out Early Access hit for Hopoo Games but things are only just getting started. A massive content update has just rolled out, the third such major patch in the run up to Risk of Rain 2’s 2020 launch.

New goodies include an extra survivor, Acrid, a melee-ranged hybrid who uses poisons to destroy tank enemies; two stage variants (Titanic Plains & Distant Roost), two additional hidden realms, three skill variants, a couple of new bosses, the Void Reaver monster, ninten new items, an extra bit of equipment and, well, the list goes on and on. There is plenty more to be found in this early access co-op roguelike that’s for sure, breathing some fresh life into the project as we creep closer to version 1.0.

In addition to the extra content, Risk of Rain 2’s third major content update also adds a dedicated server tool for players looking to use their own custom rulesets and whatnot.

Risk of Rain 2 Content Update 3 – Major Content

Added Tool: Dedicated Server Tool

○ We’ve been working hard to support the growing community we have for Risk of Rain 2. We’ve seen many players play together with rulesets they enjoy the most – this tool allows community servers to be hosted and connected to, similar to other games.

Added Survivor: Acrid

○ Acrid is a melee-range hybrid who uses powerful poisons to melt tanky enemies.

Added 2 Stage Variants

○ ‘Stage Variants’ is a new system for CU3 that allows stages to have multiple layouts. We chose the first stages as a test ground for Stage Variants since they are the maps you see most often – our hope is that this system can help keep the game fresh, even when entering the same maps!

○ Titanic Plains Variant

○ Distant Roost Variant

Added 2 Hidden Realms

○ New Hidden Realm: Void Fields

○ New Hidden Realm: Secret Hidden Realm

Added 3 Skill Variants

○ New Skill Variant: REX Utility

○ New Skill Variant: Loader Utility

○ New Skill Variant: Acrid Utility

Added New Skin: Acrid Skin Added New Monster: Void Reaver Added New Boss: Scavenger Added New Boss: Secret Boss Added 9 Items and 1 Equipment to the game

○ New Item: Razorwire

○ New Item: Fresh Meat

○ New Item: Ghor’s Tome

○ New Item: Resonance Disc

○ New Equipment: Jade Elephant

○ New Lunar Item: Visions of Heresy

○ New Lunar Item: Beads of Fealty

○ New Boss Item: Genesis Loop

○ New Boss Item: Pearl

○ New Boss Item: Irradiant Pearl

Added Chest: Adaptive Chest Added Chest: Overgrown 3D Printer Added Shrine: Cleansing Pool Added Drone: Emergency Drone Added 3 Challenges to the game

○ New Challenge: …To Be Left Alone

○ New Class Challenge: REX: Dunked

○ New Class Challenge: Loader: Earthshatter

Added 2 Environment Logs to the game

○ New Environment Log: Void Fields

○ New Environment Log: Secret Stage

Added 6 Lore Entries to the game

○ New Item Lore Entry: Sticky Bomb

○ New Item Lore Entry: Visions of Heresy

○ New Item Lore Entry: Strides of Heresy

○ New Item Lore Entry: Gasoline

○ New Item Lore Entry: Personal Shield Generator

○ New Item Lore Entry: Brainstalks