Forza Motorsport 8 for PC and Xbox Series X is already playable, to be shown next year

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Forza Motorsport 8

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While Microsoft has yet to make an official announcement on the matter, development on a next-gen Forza game for Xbox Series X and PC has been confirmed. Turn10 Studios’ creative director, Chris Esaki, confirmed as much during a live Mixer stream, revealing the next-gen Forza title is now fully playable and we can expect to hear plenty more in 2020.

Turn10 is officially the studio behind the next Forza game. Playground Games are the gurus behind the more arcade-y open-world Forza Horizon series, while Turn10 has always focused on the mainline Forza Motorsport franchise.

Putting two and two together, we’d imagine the next Forza game will be Forza Motorsport 8, or something to that effect.

What’s going to be interesting is seeing how Turn10 Studios elevates the Forza Motorsport franchise from generation to generation. There’s really nothing holding back a studio which already achieved 4K/60FPS on the Xbox One X with some astounding visuals. Throw Microsoft’s cube-y new console and the sky’s the limit.

“The overall experience of the product is so vastly different and amazing that these things are so low level, but I think people will be interested to hear it,” said Esaki. 

“The studio got a first chance at actually playing this new experience all day long. We had a great time with it. We experienced our new tire model, our new tire pressure model. We have a new way that heat interacts with tire pressure and we actually dynamically track temperatures, we have dynamic rubbering-in on the track, we have a new atmospheric pressure system that accurately affects things, like air density affecting air dynamics and power as well as the tire pressure. We also have an entirely new suspension system with new modeling. These are just a ton of things under the hood here, and I’m missing about fifteen other things.”

It feels as if we’re just about reaching the creative limit of simulation racers these days, although Esaki certainly seems excited enough for the changes which the next gen can ring in. All this, and more, should be expected when we get our Xbox Series X blow-out at some point in 2020.