Ghost of Tsushima looks to be an impressive swansong for the PS4

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Ghost of Tsushima

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Compared to Microsoft, Sony’s presence at The Game Awards was decidedly low key. The Japanese giant did have one ace up its sleeve though, using the platform to debut a gorgeous new trailer for Sucker Punch’s Ghost of Tsushima, a samurai adventure in which one man fights for the freedom of Tsushima Island.

It’s a little bit of a struggle to see the USP of Ghost of Tsushima in a post-Sekiro world but Sucker Punch’s open-world action adventure certainly looks slick enough on a technical level.  In fact, at times it’s looking absolutely incredible, particularly when it comes to foliage and weather effects. If this is the PlayStation 4’s swansong then Sony’s console is going out in fine style.

We know from the InFamous series that this studio has a good eye for interesting movement mechanics and inventive combat so it’ll be interesting to see what they can dig out of what is potentially a well-worn open-world template.

Ghost of Tsushima is set to come exclusively to PlayStation 4 in Summer 2020, finishing off a one-two salvo of this and The Last Of Us: Part II.