Godfall is the first PlayStation 5 game to be announced, coming to PC also – First trailer

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Say hello to Godfall, the first game to be officially announced for Sony’s mysterious PlayStation 5. It’s the work of Counterplay Games, who are bringing Godfall to fruition with the aid of Gearbox Publishing and Unreal Engine 4. 

Godfall is a third-person melee action game playable either solo or co-operatively with up to two other players. Interestingly, the devs claim the AI of enemies will dynamically change depending on how many people are in a group, including changing their behaviour and attack patterns in order to best take you down.

Described as a ‘looter-slasher’ (slooter?), Godfall is all about grinding away at enemies to try and unlock legendary weapons and armour. You know, Diablo-style, but proper third-person combat and what the developer hopes is a high skill ceiling. I guess it’s like they’ve jammed Diablo together with Borderlands, that looks about right.

The only other title Counterplay Games has to its name is Duelyst, a F2P collectable card game fused with turn-based strategy that’s available on Steam. It’s actually got a ton of positive reviews, nearly 4500 in fact, so the studio’s definitely got some chops.

Godfall is coming to PC and PlayStation 5 in late 2020. There’s some pesky Epic Games Store exclusivity so PC players may have to wait a little to get that elusive Steam version.