Most Anticipated Action Games of 2020

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Nioh 2

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Action gamers were treated like royalty in 2019 and that doesn’t look as if it’s changing in 2020. For the purposes of splitting our lists out a bit, a number of big names aren’t even present here but there’s still a block-busting line-up for those who prefer their hacking and slashing to running and gunning. Ubisoft’s the big name, undoubtedly. The French publisher has become a bit of an action-adventure specialist over the last few years and it’s all shaping up to be a huge year when both a new Assassin’s Creed and Watch Dogs Legion are unleashed.

Nioh 2

Team Ninja were in a bit of a slump until Nioh arrived but the Souls-like certainly put the action specialists back on the map. Enter Nioh 2, a sequel in every sense of the word. Team Ninja has spent the last three years analysing exactly what the original did right and wrong, offering up character customisation, deeper combat, more varied enemies, many more weapons, and some much needed stage variety.


Skull and Bones

This one’s a wriggler. Ubisoft couldn’t shut up about Skull & Bones when it was announced but now things have gone eerily quiet. Word on the grapevine is Ubisoft has decided to perhaps expand on the single-player component, perhaps even adding in elements unrelated to ship-to-ship combat. For Honor went all in on PvP to mixed results and this is definitely a game which we feel could benefit from a blockbuster campaign.


Marvel’s Avengers

Somehow, Square Enix has got its hands on the biggest name in entertainment media right now. Marvel’s Avengers is basically a license to print money. All they need to do is not completely screw it up. We’re both excited and worried for this one, as initial impressions haven’t exactly been glowing. Still, let’s keep our chins up for Marvel’s Avengers, a died-in-the-wool cinematic action game which features a truly iconic cast of superheroes. Throw in plenty of post-launch support and co-op shenanigans and maybe, just maybe, this one could surprise us.

Assassins Creed: Ragnarok

OK, so this one hasn’t been officially announced yet but there’s so much smoke around this one that we’re very sure there’s a blazing inferno lurking underneath. The scuttlebutt around this one suggests a Norse Gods mythos and a setting which stretches across Scandinavia and the UK. Vikings would be a prominent feature of course, and Assassin’s Creed Ragnarok could avoid the inevitable God of War comparisons by going all-in on the RPG systems.


Watch Dogs Legion

Just like the hellish Brexit it’s based on, Watch Dogs Legion has suffered delays. This vision of a near-future dystopian Britain should be with us in mid-2020 though, expanding on the Watch Dogs toolbox with the ability to recruit and play as any NPC in the world. Its vision of open-world London is really quite eye-catching. There’s a ton of promise here, although perhaps a feeling that Watch Dogs Legion may struggle to gain recognition in a post-Cyberpunk 2077 world.