Rockstar looking for a video editor to ‘communicate excitement of a game within 60 seconds

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Rockstar Games is hiring for an experienced video editor who is able to “communicate the emotional content and excitement of a game within a 60 second format.” As with anything Rockstar, this has prompted fervoured speculation over whether Rockstar could be preparing an all-new game reveal.

The position in question is for a Video Editor at Rockstar’s New York office. They’ll no doubt be after an absolute trailer wizard to work with the team to capture game footage and edit the eventual trailer to “the highest standard.”

The natural inclination is to lean toward Grand Theft Auto VI. We know GTA 6 is going to happen but it’s a matter of when rather than if. Then there are the usual rumours of Bully 2 which never seem to die, no matter how small fry such a project would be compared to Rockstar’s current output.

Of course, this could all just be Rockstar hiring a video maestro to build up hype for a new GTA Online car or an additional Frontier Pursuit coming to Red Dead Online, although we’d like to think it’s a little more than that.

My instinct tells me that Rockstar simply won’t reveal an all-new title in the same year that new consoles are revealed and launched. A cross-gen release doesn’t really seem Rockstar’s thing, while the inevitable small install base on the new consoles will mean Rockstar will want to wait at least a couple of years to build up a sizeable audience. 

Who knows though, we could be surprised, Rockstar may have something a little smaller on the cards than Grand Theft Auto VI, or it could be obvious shout for an enhanced edition of Red Dead Redemption 2 on the next-gen consoles – lord knows the PC version has demonstrated it could look heaps better.

Do you think Rockstar is hiring a new Video Editor for any particular game announcement? Or is this all much ado about nothing? Let us know what you think is happening below!