Surviving the Aftermath’s third big Early Access update adds vehicles, trading and more

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Surviving the Aftermath

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With the Early Access release of Surviving the Aftermath being exclusive to the Epic Games Store on PC, most folks are sadly probably not even aware the next game in the Surviving Mars franchise even exists. But development of the Paradox published title is progressing at a steady clip, including the launch of the new Update 3: Expeditions this week.

Expeditions introduces vehicles for the first time to the turn-based strategy/RTS hybrid. Abandoned cars can be found out and about the post-apocalyptic wasteland, carted back to the garage to be fixed and then used to help Specialists zoom across the map at high speed.

Surviving the Aftermath is all about making your situation as tough as possible though so, in addition to world-ending events to circumvent, Fuel is a new resource type which needs to be scavenged or traded in order to keep your cars running.

Trading has also been improved. Each of the different settlements now has an associated faction score along with goods they produce and resources they want. You can now lend your neighbours fuel, for example, and then later on use the favour earned to get some vital medicine back off them.

There’s a long wait to still to go but Surviving the Aftermath is definitely shaping up to be quite an interesting project. Unfortunately, being buried in the depths of the Epic Store means it’s got a real uphill battle in terms of finding recognition. Still, if it does take your fancy then the Founder’s Edition is available for a fairly cheap price.