Up For Debate – What is your gaming monitor’s refresh rate?


Nvidia and Asus kind of blew up this week with the announcement of a frankly insane 360Hz eSports-focused G-Sync gaming monitor they’ve been cooking up together. This panel is capable of emitting 360 distinct frames each and every second, at a rate of one frame every 2.77 milliseconds.

Naturally, outputting 360 frames per second is also going to necessitate a fairly beefy video card, depending on the specific game and settings used. To put it into perspective, a single frame at 1920 x 1080 resolution is composed of just over two million pixels. A GPU needs to render this every 2.77ms, 360 times every second, calculating 746.5 million pixels each and every second. It’s astonishing stuff, it really is, and demonstrates the sort of wizardry that goes on beneath the hood of high-end gaming hardware, all in the service of providing us with the optimal gameplay experience.

I’d imagine a display such as the Asus ROG Swift 360Hz 1080p is going to be very niche hardware, at least for now. It’s tailored towards eSports professionals looking to find a performance advantage wherever they can, no matter how seemingly small it may seem.

But outside of 360Hz, high refresh rate monitors are undeniably on the rise. 144Hz G-Sync and FreeSync displays are now seemingly fairly commonplace, while those after the ultimate premium experience have been forking out for 240Hz gaming monitors. 

Despite all of this though, we’d imagine the overwhelming majority of PC gamers are still rocking the tried and tested 60Hz displays. Once you’ve tried high refresh rates it’s difficult to go back but, if you haven’t, ignorance is bliss. 

With all sorts of different monitors floating around out there now, catering to all different price tags and needs, we thought it would be the ideal time to get the lay of the land from core PC gamers such as the GD community.

So what refresh rate do you have on your primary gaming monitor? Are you thinking of upgrading to a faster display soon? Let us know!