Metroidvania roguelite Sundered: Eldritch Edition is free on the Epic Store now

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Another year has dawned and Epic’s free year of games increasingly looks as if it’s heading into a second year. Next up on the platter is Sundered: Eldritch Edition, which is free to permanently add to your Epic Games Store library provided you grab it by 4pm GMT on January 16th.

Sundered is a sort of fusion of Metroidvania concepts with roguelikes, or more specifically rogue-lite as there are upgrades which can be earned and taken from run to run. It’s got a Lovecraftian look to its enemy and world design, tasking players with heading deep into a brutal world of 2D platformer action.

Jon actually reviewed Sundered when it came out back in 2017, although his reaction was fairly middling, saying “The core of Sundered is fundamentally flawed from the outset, and randomly generated levels are often a bugbear of mine. But layered on top of this is a fantastic, gorgeous action game with heaps to do. If the thought of eating a beautiful crunchy red apple appeals to you, and you don’t mind the worms wriggling inside, Sundered might be worth a shot.”

Sundered: Eldritch Edition is free on the Epic Games store until January 16th, at which point quirky indie platformer Horace will be next week’s free title.