Batman Arkham Legacy teased once again by Warner Bros – ‘Capture the Knight’

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Batman: Arkham Legacy

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It’s been four months now since Warner Bros. started to heavily tease a new Batman announcement. They’ve been teasing teases and counting down to teases and, well, four months is a heck of a long time to tease a game and to be honest, I think folks are already growing a little weary of the unannounced game.

But, needs must, so here we go again as Warner Bros Games Montreal is, once more, rolling out yet more teases for the unannounced Batman game. This time they’ve tweeted out the message “Capture the Knight” along with two separate images to Twitter and Instagram. Together, both images form the badge below. Consider us well and truly whelmed.

It looks a little bit like the badge for the Gotham City Police Department but not quite and, well, I guess I just wish there was something vaguely interesting to even say about it. But there isn’t. There’s a new Batman game. You know it, I know, and Warner Bros sure as hell knows it. Now it’s probably just about time it was finally unveiled to the world. 

So what do we actually know about Batman? Well, it’s reportedly called Batman: Arkham Legacy and it’s in development at Warner Bros Games Montreal. It supposedly features the Court of Owls as the narrative’s arch-villains but as for the rest? We’re looking at a complete mystery.

At a push, we’d say Batman is probably pencilled in for a reveal at Sony’s PS5 event. Nothing’s set in stone of course but the two do love a partnership and, based on when this game could come out, it’s likely to be a cross-gen game, along with a PC version of course.