Flagship AMD Radeon RX 5950 and Radeon RX 5800 Series graphics cards appear in EEC listing


A slew of unannounced high-end AMD Radeon graphics cards have just popped up on the official EEC (Eurasian Economic Commission) regulatory website. We’ve known for some time that AMD has higher end Navi chips in the pipeline and this may well be our first sighting of them in the wild.

The document in question comes from an EEC approval for AFOX, a Hong Kong based AIB partner for both AMD and Nvidia. They list a huge number of graphics cards for approval. Pretty much all of them we already know about, but it’s the quartet of unannounced AMD Radeon graphics cards which we’re ultimately interested in.

AMD Radeon RX 5950XT AMD Radeon RX 5950 AMD Radeon RX 5900 AMD Radeon RX 5800XT

Based on AMD’s naming structure, all four of these GPUs would slot in above AMD’s current top tier Radeon RX 5700 XT. The AMD Radeon RX 5950 XT would be the flagship, filtering down through the progressively weaker AMD Radeon RX 5950, AMD Radeon RX 5900 and the AMD Radeon RX 5800 XT.

So what are these? Well, they could be Big Navi. AMD has been claiming for years now that we’d see it eventually. AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su has claimed we’ll see high-end Radeon graphics cards to compete at the top of the market sometime this year. They could also be a complete new GPU die, although perhaps unlikely. Then finally, this could all be a load of hogwash and AFOX is just speculating. Going through these legal filings is probably unlikely with an unknown product, however.

We would hazard a guess that one of these products is that mysterious GPU which we saw crop up in OpenVR benchmarks. Based on the results, unless they’re erroneous, it would seem likely this is the flagship Radeon RX 5950 XT. Manufactured on the 7nm+ process node and likely utilising the RDNA 2 architecture and supporting hardware-based raytracing, this would be AMD’s answers to Nvidia’s top-end GeForce RTX 2080 Ti. Without any tech specs to feast on whatsoever though, we’re within the realm of pure speculation rather than anything concrete.

What do you think then, is this our first sighting of Big Navi? Or are you not placing too much stock in the EEC listing?