Hectic new 64-player PUBG map Karakin announced, building destruction arrives in Season 6

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Season 6 for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has been announced and will kick things off by adding the brand new, smaller 2km x 2km map: Karakin. It’s the smallest map so far with only 64 players rather than the typical 100. Though this won’t be a problem considering the smaller size which should provide faster and more intense combat right from the very start.

It boasts more interaction than any other map before, adding new mechanics like breach points, bullet penetration for certain walls and smuggler tunnels. The new breach points will allow attackers to blow open a section of a building using sticky bombs to create new entrances for attackers or vantage points for defenders. The underground smuggler tunnels will also provide new opportunities for players to ambush (or avoid) enemies.

A brand new ‘Black Zone’ has also been announced, forcing players out of buildings if they don’t want to be buried underneath the rubble from a random missile strike. This will inevitably make the late game much harder as there will be less cover from buildings for players to take advantage of.

PUBG Corporation is also tackling queue times. In order to prevent long queues they are introducing a new map rotation system: periodically rotating the playable map starting with Karakin when the update lands.

Along with the new season will arrive the new survivor pass, which will bring new outfits and weapon skins themed around the new map. Survivor Pass: Shakedown will reward players with the outfits and weapons of the Tenebres Smugglers, the Rapture Squad and more from this season’s lore. A new weapon has also been announced: the Panzerfaust rocket launcher which will arrive later in the season, along with a new way to interact with the Black Zone (details on what this may be have yet to be revealed).

Update 6.1 arrives on PC the 22nd of January. If you’ve got an itchy trigger finger and can’t wait to land on the new map, the test server on PC is already open!