Intel to give more information on upcoming Xe GPU architecture at GDC 2020


Intel has confirmed that we will be seeing more information on its upcoming generation of graphics hardware at this year’s GDC conference in San Francisco. It’ll take centre stage in a talk Intel is dubbing “A Primer on Intel Graphics Architecture”.
First confirmed to be in development in Mid 2018 under the codename Ponte Vecchio, the GPUs will be built on Intel’s Xe Architecture and promise “significant compute, geometry and throughput improvements over today’s widely used Gen9 and Gen11 graphics”.
The conference listing also promises a “detailed tour of the hardware architecture” and will give more information on how graphics engineers will be able to work with the cards when they release.
We still don’t have a specific release date for the hardware itself, but Intel does mention in the conference listing that it’s scheduled for release “later this year”. If we couple this with a tweet from back in October from Intel’s chief architect Raja Koduri of the number plate “THINKXE” with the date June 2020, I think it’s safe to say that we’ll probably be seeing the hardware some time this summer.
Nothing is set in stone though, and we’ll be sure to bring you all the latest developments in the run-up to the impending GPU release. GDC 2020 is set to run from Monday, 16th March through to Friday, 20th March.