A New IP from the brains behind Greedfall and Homeworld is set to be announced

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A Plague Tale: Innocence

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Focus Home Interactive, publisher of 2019 hits A Plague Tale: Innocence and GreedFall, have announced a partnership with Blackbird Interactive for an upcoming game to be unveiled at PAX East.

The new project, which is to be an original IP set in a sci-fi environment, is to be developed by Blackbird Interactive – the team behind Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak and Project Eagle – and will be released later this year.

Rob Cunningham, CEO and founder of Blackbird Interactive, has said he is optimistic about what the partnership can bring, and the unveiling at PAX East next month.

He said: “From our first meeting it was clear [Focus Home Interactive] are a perfect fit to help deliver BBI’s innovative new game to a wide audience.

“We feel extremely fortunate and grateful for this opportunity, and look forward to an exciting and productive partnership!”

One look at Blackbird’s Interactive’s website reveals that this mystery game is one of three brand new projects the company is working on – Project 1, presumably being this soon to be announced new IP that is a “genre-defying first person action game” 

So three new games are inbound, the first game they develop will be an action game, the second a real time strategy (RTS) and the third a 3rd person action game.

News surrounding the mystery games is still fairly light, but we’re expecting to hear more when the first game is officially unveiled at PAX East next month.

What type of game would you like to see them come up with?