Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary PC beta tests are due to start this month

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Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary

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The first public tests for Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary (Also known as ‘The Best Halo™) are going to be commencing soon. PC players who’ve managed to squeeze into the Insider Rings could be able to get their hands on Halo: Combat Evolved by the end of this month.

343 Industries has said those in Rings 1 and 2 should be able to play Halo: CE by the end of January, while Ring 3 Halo Insiders should be able to get their mitts on the test flight at some point in February. 

If you’re wondering what the heck all these flights and rings are then you’re going to want to head over to your Halo profile and opt in to Halo Insider, PC Flighting, Console Flighting, or whatever else takes your fancy.

Once you’re in, you’ll be able to test out different elements of Halo: Combat Evolved, as well as future Halo releases. What’s available will rotate depending on what testing is needed but it’ll test server connections, Steam and Windows cross-play, UI features, single-player campaigns and all that other goodness.

Halo: Reach launched in early December and is the first of six Halo games which are arriving on PC over the coming months. It thundered to the top of the Steam charts at launch and managed at impressive all-time peak of 93,305 concurrent players. Being six quid probably didn’t harm its success, many were no doubt willing to check in at that bargain bin price. Since then, Halo Reach has settled down to a steady 9,000 or so players concurrently, which is pretty healthy for a release of 10-year-old game. We’re expecting each new game from the Halo collection to lift this figure right up once again, in particular when we get to the four core games, beginning with Halo: Combat Evolved.