Daybreak Games forms three new studios to focus on their biggest existing IPs

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Daybreak Games, the developers behind Everquest, H1Z1: King of the Kill and DC Universe Online, have announced they’ve founded three new studios to help push the company’s biggest franchises forward.

The new studios, Dimensional Ink Games, Darkpaw Games and Rogue Planet Games, will take the helm on franchises such as Planetside, DC Universe Online and Everquest to expand the properties and franchises.

Jack Emmert, Head of Games at Daybreak and now leader of Dimensional Ink, said: “Crafting iconic MMORPG experiences has always been Daybreak’s lifeblood. 

“We intend to continue that legacy and grow Dimensional Ink, Darkpaw Games and Rogue Planet Games into the future.

“Whether its DC Universe Online, Everquest…Planetside 2 or our future projects, we’ll be giving players their ideal fantasy game experiences for years to come.”

Dimensional Ink Games will now head up production of DC Universe Online, while also beginning work on their next big MMO project later this year.

Darkpaw Games is to be lead by Holly Longdale, and will have a continued focus on Everquest – the iconic fantasy MMORPG which began in 1999 – and have promised to “continue to inspire and surprise players for decades to come” 

Finally, Rogue Planet Games, will be focusing on the more sci-fi franchises under Daybreak Games’ umbrella – more specifically the Planetside series, which has a unique focus on large-scale first-person shooter battles. 

It’s a big move for Daybreak Games, founding three studios and giving them free reign over their most successful franchises. But, now that each title has a dedicated studio behind it, we will hopefully see more of the innovative and spectacular content that made these franchises special in the first place.