Battlefield V heads Into the Jungle in Chapter 6 – New map, weapons and gadgets inbound

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DICE has taken the wraps off ‘Into to the Jungle’, the sixth chapter of new content for Battlefield V. As you can probably guess from the name, BFV Chapter VI appears to stick closely to what worked so well with the previous chapter, namely the Pacific theatre of war, which provided a much needed injection of positivity… for a short while at least.

Battlefield V Chapter 6 will be a free update and it’s all due to kick off from Thursday, February 6th. These Chapters tend to run for about 12 weeks and we can expect to see new maps, weapons, vehicles and modes to help flesh out the BF5 experience.

A new map dubbed Solomon Islands will be the centrepiece of February 6th. It’s a fairly linear map with rivers, marshes and plenty of dense jungle to weave through, all of which is fairly geared toward infantry combat. However, there will be tank drivers who can find particular joy down one side of the map which opens out onto beaches. Solomon Islands will apparently be particularly strong in Breakthrough, a game mode which has boomed in popularity since Iwo Jima came along.

New weapons and gadgets for chapter 6 include a Type 11 LMG, Model 37 shotgun, M2 Carbine, M1A1 Bazooka and the Lunge Mine.

DICE has also said that it’s looking at the controversial TTK (Time to Kill) changes which dropped midway through Chapter V. It all stems around increased TTK, resulting in some weapons requiring a fairly significant number of bullets to down an enemy if they’re outside its ideal range. I still seem to be doing just as well following the changes but a lot of folks definitely aren’t happy. 

All of the changes should be rolled into update 6.2, which will likely be a fortnight after Welcome to the Jungle launches. DICE has said it’s going to address damage range based on feedback from players and game data.

BFV – Into the Jungle is a free update which begins next Thursday, February 6th.