Techland is giving Dying Light: Bad Blood away to celebrate Dying Light’s 5th anniversary

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Dying Light – Bad Blood

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Dying Light has just celebrated its fifth birthday and still developer Techland is busy supporting it despite Dying Light 2 being right around the corner. To celebrate Dying Light becoming old enough to go to school, Techland is now giving away a free copy of Dying Light – Bad Blood to anyone and everyone who owns a copy of the base game.

This offer is open regardless of platform. Whether you own Dying Light on PC through Steam, PlayStation 4, or Xbox, you can visit this site right here to link your account up and claim your free copy of Bad Blood.

But what even is Bad Blood, I hear you cry. Well, it’s very loosely Techland’s take on the battle royale, this time set in Dying Light’s first-person action parkour universe. I say very loosely because it’s only 12 players involved in a battle to be the last man standing. Players are free to team up they wish, all the better to take on the zombie hordes, but human nature dictates you’ll all manage to screw everyone over by the end.

Bad Blood’s currently in Early Access, although it sounds as if it’s been largely abandoned after the player count dipped considerably. Still, with everyone hopping in for this freebie this could be a great time to enjoy Dying Light: Bad Blood with an active player base.