Nier Automatic dev Platinum Games teasing mysterious new ‘Platinum4’ project

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NieR: Automata and Astral Chain developer PlatinumGames appears to be teasing a major new game announcement.

PG’s Twitter account flared into life today with a link to a teaser website, accompanied by the hashtag Platinum 4. The website in question shows the briefest of teaser images, taking us through shooting stars before the number four appears on screen.

And that, basically, is that. 

This is one of those times where there’s so little info surrounding the news that I’m sort of left twiddling my thumbs a little. What it does mean is we’re at least tantalisingly close to a new game announcement from the action maestros at Platinum. Both Bayonetta 3 and Babylon’s Fall are already deep into development, leaving us with this third mysterious project.

If I were to have a shot in the dark at what it could be, I would guess it referred to PlatinumGames’ fourth project, which was Vanquish. We’ve had plenty of Vanquish remasters lately so this is, perhaps, referring to Vanquish 2? I’m more than likely completely wrong though, so I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments.

But, looking at PG’s upcoming slate, this would be the fourth active game in development (alongside Bayo 3, Babylon’s Fall, and mobile title Lost Order), so this could simply be a codename for random totally new project. Last year, Platinum Games’ head producer, Atsushi Inaba, said “Right now we’re in the middle of designing something that has never been done before. I know a lot of people say that, but the game we’re working on truly is unlike anything else.”

Answers on a postcard, please.