GeForce Now leak reveals pricing and more details


It seems that video game streaming is becoming a thing now. With streaming sites like Netflix or Amazon bringing the world of cinema and high-end TV to our couches, it was only a matter of time for the world of video games to transition as well. But after Stadia’s rocky start for the new system, other companies are jumping on the chance to make their own streaming platform. This is where GeForce Now comes in, and a leak allegedly has the pricing details…

First of all, it is claimed by Videocardz that there will be two services available: a Free version and a Founders version (for $4.99 a month). The free version will net you ‘standard’ access and will also give you a 1 hour play session. Whereas the founders version includes ‘priority’ access, extended session length, RTX enabled, a free 90 day introductory period and a limited time offer.

Judging by the current GeForce Now beta, users will have access to their own library of games across a variety of PC gaming clients. Coverage is a little spotty right now but most of the big games are there and playable in the beta client. If you own Planet Zoo on Steam, for example, you can play it on GeForce Now and simply login to your Steam account on their VM.

None of this has been verified nor have they been expanded on, so everything included here is all speculation. What ‘standard’ access means is unclear but considering that the founders version has ‘priority’ access we can assume it has something to do with the servers and access to them. The free version will also give you a one-hour play session compared to the Founders ‘extended’ session, the details on how much longer the extended session will be compared to the free version is, again, also unclear.

What’s interesting to note is that in the Founder’s version you can take full advantage of an RTX graphics card, but there’s no mention about what GPU would be used in the free version.

The limited time offer could refer to the price tag of the Founders edition, which is currently set to a very low $4.99 per month, that’s not a very expensive price tag to take full advantage of Nvidia’s high-end GPU’s and play your favourite games on MAX settings. 

It seems like Nvidia wants as many people to try out their new service, so having the price be as low as it is with a free 90 day introductory period is honestly a steal. It would be a good move for Nvidia to get the word out on their new service, if this information is in fact real, and it could be a genuine contender to Google’s Stadia.

What do you think then, does the pricing sound fair to you? Do you think this is the better direction to take cloud streaming compared to Stadia?