See Revenant in brutal action for Apex Legends Season 4 announcement

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Apex Legends Season 4 has just been announced with a pair of brutal new trailers showcasing the new legend: Revenant.

In a shocking twist, the long-supposed Season 4 legend ‘Forge’ was assassinated live on TV after boasting of his skills compared to other legends. “I dare any of them to bring the fight up close and personal” he says, shortly before Revenant appears silently behind him, stabbing him in the back and showering blood over the presenter before the feed cuts off… Groovy. Probably shouldn’t have boasted about his skills to be honest, that was kind of embarrassing.

Check out the videos below:

Apex Legends has had a reputation for being datamined to hell and back to find all the latest information possible. Last year, in November, ‘Forge’ was discovered among the game’s files, leaving many to believe he was going to be the next champion for the new season. It seems like Respawn may have done this on purpose though, as Revenant has officially murdered Forge before he even got a taste of that sweet, sweet limelight. We look forward to him being resurrected for Season 5.

Also arriving in Season 4 is the addition of a brand new weapon: The Sentinel, a bolt-action sniper rifle. Along with the new weapon comes an all new battle pass featuring more than 100 exclusive items including legendary skins, Apex packs, loading screens, music packs and more. There will also be a new area on the map of World’s Edge: the Hammond Robotics worksite.

If you enjoy the competitive side of Apex then you’ll be glad to hear that Ranked Series 3 has also been announced for the new season. It will include new six-week splits, an all new Master Tier (featuring the top 500 players by each platform) and more.

Season 4 is looking awesome so far and it’s great to see the developers constantly working things out and keeping it all fresh. We can’t wait to try out the new legend in-game as well as the new sniper rifle. See you in the arena, Champions.