Nintendo sales smash past Xbox One, Pokemon Sword and Shield sales skyrocket despite boycott


Hey ho! Another financial report has been released from the yearly company reviews, this time considering Nintendo and its console: the Nintendo Switch. Whilst Microsoft saw a decrease in revenue from sales of the Xbox, Nintendo has seen a pretty decent increase in sales for the Switch, rivalling that of both the Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

Currently the Switch has sold over 52 million units worldwide within just 34 months of its launch in March 2017. That’s just over 1.5 million sold each and every month, or 49,000 per day, 2,038 each and every hour, or 34 for every minute of every day since March 3rd, 2017. It’s doing well, ludicrously well, in fact.

New graphs detailing the sales numbers have been released and interestingly the Switch seems to be tracking ahead of both the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 2 after their respective launches. The PS2 is still the best selling games console of all time thanks to its extraordinarily long tail, with these graphs representing like-for-like sales for 48 months after the respective console launches.

It’s still a huge achievement for Nintendo though, and with a newer model of the console being released, the Big N has seen a boost in sales much like the Nintendo DS. And when compared to other Nintendo consoles, the Switch is currently in-line with the NDS but just short of the all-conquering Wii.

Here is a similar chart as above, but focused on Nintendo consoles. The Switch is currently tracking inline with the Nintendo DS, which had also received a boost due to the release of a new model. It’s notably ahead of the 3DS and just behind the Wii when launch aligned.

The Nintendo Switch sold more units over the holiday period last year compared to the Xbox One (another blow to Microsoft) but, even more amazingly, it has only taken 34 months for the Switch to achieve what the Xbox One did in 74 months.

Nintendo has been doing remarkably  well for itself lately. Its latest fiscal reports reveal  Pokemon Sword and Shield sold 16 million copies in just 1.5 months (November 15th – December 31st) so that boycott evidently went well. Just for reference: Pokemon X and Y sold 16.42 million copies in total and Pokemon Sun and Moon sold 16.17 million, meaning the latest game in the Pokemon franchise is set to outsell both of those games soon. It isn’t the biggest media franchise in the world for nothing. Pokemon, and the fact there’s a newer, cheaper Lite model for the Switch has most certainly helped to show that Nintendo is back with a serious competitor in the console gaming market.