Take a look behind-the-scenes of Humankind, the impressive new 4X competitor to Civ 6

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We’re set to get plenty of behind-the-scenes looks at Humankind over the coming weeks, the ambitious 4X strategy game from Endless Legend creators Amplitude Studios. Revealed at E3 2019, Humankind showed all sorts of awesome premises but kept an awful lot hidden away from prying eyes. This game’s a direct attack on Civilization’s dominance of the genre though, so it’s understandable Amplitude and Sega would like to keep more of it under wraps until closer to launch.

Well, right now we are creeping closer to that launch. In the first episode of a new video series dedicated toward Humankind, Amplitude is exploring the origins behind the creation of this game. We get a look at the inspirations and ideas  (*cough* Civilization) which led to its development, as well as some all-new gameplay.

It’s gorgeous, we’ll get that out of the way first. Every hexagon is packed with detail, presenting verdant forests, steep cliffs and busy townscapes that look far beyond the offerings in Civ VI. 

On a chart in the background we also get a feel for how just how far Humankind will stretch through history. There’s the Bronze Era, Classic, Medieval, and Renaissance leading us up to the 1700s, with presumably many more to trace human history through to the modern day.

Humankind is currently scheduled to come to PC at some point in 2020.