Kingdom Come: Deliverance will be free to own permanently on the Epic Games Store

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance

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Just when we were about to accuse the Epic Games Store of having a fallow period, Epic goes and announces Kingdom Come: Deliverance will be free-of-charge, to own permanently, for everyone to add to their library next week

Warhorse Studios’ ultra-serious medieval role-playing game scooped up plenty of impressive reviews when it launched back in 2018. For those who remained patient, your remarkable feat of self-restraint is about to pay off. It’s time to hurl steamy cow dumps at gurning villagers, swing a sword about like it’s the first time you’ve discovered motor functions, and brew plenty of bottles of Saviour Schnapps so you can ‘realistically’ save.

In my KCD review I said “Despite these errors of judgment by the designers, there’s so much to love in KCD. It’s so close to being wonderful. The world feels rich and believable, and set-piece locations are occasionally breathtaking. The real-world setting added immeasurably to my enjoyment (full disclosure: I’m a history buff) and doesn’t suffer at all in my opinion from the lack of goblins and dragons. The costs of keeping your equipment well-maintained keep you in that struggling phase when all RPGs are at their best, before things get too easy, for an extended time. Many of my gripes have already been mercifully modded out, and despite my laundry list of complaints, the things KCD does well make my heart a-flutter.”

Kingdom Come: Deliverance will be joined next week by Aztez, a curious little beat-em-up and turn-based strategy hybrid that flew under the radar on Steam but garnered favourable reviews.

In the here and now, both Carcassonne – Tiles & Tactics and Ticket to Ride are free to add to your EGS library this week. They’re both adaptations of popular tabletop games, this time digitised so you don’t have to worry about tracking the rules or your dog eating tile pieces. Pandemic was supposed to be free as well, but it would appear as if Epic Games had a smidgen of self-awareness and decided it probably wasn’t the best idea to market itself off the back of an actual viral outbreak.