Take-Two hints at 2 new projects, more revealed in the coming months

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There’s still lots of information trickling out from the financial reports, and yes we’re almost sick of them too, almost, since there is some interesting news that comes out of them. Aside from a new Battlefield game or 2 new Ubisoft games, Take-Two has now released its report on Q3 for the fiscal year 2020, teasing some new information to be announced in the next few months.

Most notably, the team behind Mafia III, Hangar 13, has been secretly working on a new project. There’s no word yet on what this project may be, Mafia 4 would be the obvious answer but after the poor reception of Mafia 3 it could just as likely be a brand new IP from the studio.

In the same report, the as-yet-unnamed studio lead by Sledgehammer co-founder Michael Condrey (currently referred to as 2K Silicon Valley) has also been working on a new project that again, we know nothing about. Though the studio was only announced a year ago, so the fact that they have something to show soon is quite impressive.

What we do know about both these as-yet-unannounced projects is that we’ll be hearing about what it is exactly they are working on in the next few months. This could all be hinting towards the Playstation 5 reveal, which currently still has no announcement date, but it would make sense considering they’ll have to reveal it sometime soon in time for preorders for the holidays.

Aside from all that, Take-Two updated that Cloud Chamber Studio is still working on a new Bioshock game and that it is still years away from release, with no added information. In addition, CEO Strauss Zelnick stated that the studio culture at Rockstar Games has not been affected after Dan Houser left, adding that there will be no more high-level departures as Sam Houser continues to lead the studio.