The best performing PC games of 2020


PC Games with Best Performance in 2020

There’s a lot of games coming out this year, a lot of good-looking games to say the least. Some games can blow you away with the visual fidelity, and whilst they can certainly bring a tear to one’s eye in terms of the beauty, most of them will bring the other kinds of tears, the bad ones, because they will most certainly be very demanding on your system.

But we’re not here to wallow in the doom-and-gloom of abysmal optimisation (does anyone else put the settings on MAX just to torment themselves for what could-have-been, or is that just me?), instead we are here today to rejoice! As these games listed below will most likely be some of the best performing games of 2020. So even if you can’t get that graphics card you wanted in time for Cyberpunk 2077, these titles will surely have no problem running on your rig:

Doom Eternal

Not only was the original 2016 DOOM very well optimised and could run pretty well on most systems, id software has always been at the forefront of graphics technology and performance optimisation (Except for the first Rage game). Their games run ridiculously smooth on most systems so it’s fair to say that Doom Eternal will most likely run pretty well.



Resident Evil 3 Remake

When Capcom released the Resident Evil 2 Remake using the same engine as Resident Evil 7, it was pretty astonishing how well the game ran considering the fidelity of it’s graphics. With the Resident Evil 3 Remake following suit only a year later with the same engine again, we doubt there will be much difference. So expect this one to run pretty well too.



Call of Duty

Whatever the next Call of Duty to come out will be (Black Ops 5?), Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was surprisingly well-optimised, and considering the next addition to the franchise will be released on both current-gen and next-gen, it will be pretty well optimised for PC too.



The Disintegration technical Beta came out recently and it seemed to run pretty well. Though it wasn’t the final release, a technical beta generally means a study of the performance and optimisation of the game for most players. So the final release probably won’t be far off from where it was over the weekend.



Halo Infinite

With the recent release of the Halo collection on PC, we finally had our look at how well the games can run on a PC system. Granted most of them are old by now, but they are really well optimised. Halo Infinite will be released on PC and whilst we’re pretty sure it’s going to run well on most systems, you might find that the game will start to get demanding if you want it to look it’s best.



Destroy All Humans! Remake

Just a quick take on this: the Crash Bandicoot: N Sane Trilogy and Spyro Reignited Trilogy remakes both ran really well. And even though this is from a completely different studio from those games, it’s safe to assume based on the fact that the Destroy All Humans! Remake is a remastering of the old game, it will also run pretty well. If it doesn’t then I have some questions to ask…


Whilst I wish this list was a little bit longer, these titles will definitely be some of the biggest games of the year (Except for the Destroy All Humans! Remake, unless you’re a big fan of the original). So it’s good to know that we won’t have many issues facing optimisation on these. Doom: Eternal and the Resident Evil 3 Remake will most surely benefit from steady performance, and it’s great to see such good-looking games that can run smoothly on most PC systems.

What games are you looking forward to this year? Let us know!