Dead Static Drive is Grand Theft Auto meets Lovecraftian horror

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Dead Static Drive

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Unfortunately no bowling with Roman in this one. Travel across the desolate highways of the USA, scavenging for supplies, befriending other survivors and stealing cars as you try to not get killed by the cosmic horrors that surround you in Dead Static Drive. It’s a survival horror, but mixed with a touch of light-hearted goofiness as characters can fall over and your car handles like a bar of soap in a nervous inmate’s hands.

Dead Static Drive, or Grand Theft Cthulhu if you’re feeling fun, pits you against the Eldritch beings of this landscape as they torment you with their tenticular appendages reaching up from the ground. “Sneak, scavenge, fight, befriend, barricade and bunker-in or steal a car and drive off into the sunset” says the description on the Steam page. But if you want to drive off into the sunset you’ll have to drive as fast and as far away as you can, then repeat the same process again until you, hopefully, survive the lovecraftian armageddon.

Not much else has been revealed about the game except for a short teaser. Even the release date is currently set to ‘2020’ on the Steam page. Watch the video yourself to get a look at the kind of horrors you’ll be facing:

In regards to the goofiness I mentioned above, the sole developer of the game, Mike Blackney, stated in an interview with VentureBeat that the game will be “one-part stupid-bad rubbish driving, doing flips in your car, and I also want the other part to be nameless cosmic horror.”

Dead Static Drive will be coming to Xbox One, Steam and the Xbox Game Pass sometime in 2020.

I sure am excited to see where this one goes, how deep into the lovecraftiness it gets and how goofy it really is. Let us know if you’re you excited too!