Online JRPG Blue Protocol could be coming West, closed beta test announced

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Blue Protocol

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I’m not sure how Blue Protocol has managed to totally pass me by but it’s an online action-RPG with proper anime-ass visual design that looks tailor-made to make a humongous sum of money from JRPG fans. Think the Tales series, but totally online, with melodramatic cut-scenes and epic co-op real-time monster battles.

Blue Protocol has become a subject of interest since Bandai Namco announced there will be a Japanese-language closed beta test for the MMO. Applications for the beta test will be open on the official site from February 12th, with a small pool of 50,000 users being granted a space.

For the uninitiated, Blue Protocol appears to be a fairly traditional MMORPG, this time with an anime JRPG wrapper. Players can create their own characters, adjust the all-important boob size, and head out into the big wide world, travelling through space and time to save it from the brink of devastation.

For now, we still don’t know anything about a Western release for Blue Protocol, although we’d imagine it’s just a matter of time. Bandai Namco did post a job listing a few weeks back for an English language localisation manager specifically for “PC online action game Blue Protocol”, suggesting a translation is in the pipeline. 

At the moment, Blue Protocol is only confirmed for PC, although we’ll be sure to update you if anything changes on that front.